Rollin Coville Photographs
Sierra Nevada Insects and Spiders
A gallery of photgraphs from San Francisco State University's Entomology class at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus

San Francisco State University offers a variety of summer field classes at their Sierra Nevada Field Campus.  The campus is located on Highway 49 in Sierra Co. about 1 mile north of Bassetts and about 6 miles from Yuba Pass.  Since 1989, our family has made an annual pilgrimage to the campus to accompany the week long entomology class offered by Dr. John Hafernik.   The class begins at varing times from the middle of June until the 1st week of July.  John and I were graduate students together at UC Berkeley and share a common interest in insect photography.   So as John leads the class, I tag along.  Meanwhile, the other family members can relax and enjoy the scenic countryside.  

The entomology class does not confine its activities to just the Sierra Nevada Field Campus.   Everyday the class travels to a different site.  These sites may vary from year to year depending upon the conditions.  We have had years when the higher elevations were completely snowed in.  Other years at the same date the season is well advanced.   Irregardless, every year offers new opportunities and we see things that we haven't seen before.   This gallery presents a sample of the images I have made over the years during the entomology class.

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